Skelizard's Den


Majority of my characters exist in my headworld space which doesn't really have a name 'cuz I'm bad at that but it's in my head and it exists there. It's a character-focused worldbuilding project mostly just full of monster people that I think about and doodle a lot. For now this should serve as an easy-to-access respository of the characters that exist within this setting. Characters are organised by project/location.

I should also add that my characters and art in general, while you won't see anything explicit, are intended for a mature audience.

The Subterranean City Rue & VOiD Impz

Just a bunch of dudes who live in an underground city within the desert.


Rue and her weird friend who may or may not exist who can say idk. These two live in a small town in a different part of the desert.


Group of characters in an imp-centric part of the setting.

>Other Characters

GUILD WARS 2 | I like to doodle my GW2 characters sometimes, though since they're not from my setting I'm not gonna bother putting info of them here. You can find more info on them at my Toyhouse.