Skelizard's Den


Artwork of Phanes


NAME Phanes
AGE 30s
OCCUPATION Amphithere Breeder
GENDER Nonbinary
PRONOUNS they/them


-Low Energy


Very relaxed and chill, not a whole lot really bothers them. Friends with Avis and Trax and is the 'realistic' one of the group. Has a pet baby amphithere named Quetz who will eventually grow bigger. Mostly keeps personal issues to themselves and really doesn't like to make people upset. They care for and breed amphithere is regarded as one of the best people to ask regarding their husbandry in the city. Frequently chews on twigs, toothpicks and plants out of habit. Would love to sleep all day if they could. Is never mad, just disappointed.


-Bark covers their body.

-Quetz's refs are a lil inconsistent and old but you can use the second image as the most up-to-date reference for her.


Artwork of Avis AVIS | Friend
Their exciteable and slightly insane pal.
Artwork of Trax TRAX | Friend
Their 'riddled with anxiety' pal.



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