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>Kraine & Felicia

Artwork of Kraine & Felicia


NAME Kraine & Felicia
AGE 40s
GENDER Nonbinary (Kraine), Woman (Felicia)
PRONOUNS they/them (Kraine), she/her (Felicia)



-Genuinely sweet
-Cares too much


Unlike what many others would assume Kraine and Felicia are not siblings, despite that their bond is strong. Kraine is a surgeon, Felicia however is squeemish and cannot be present during procedures, which usually works out fine if they remain organised. When not though it means migraines are something Kraine has to deal with, which isn't really ideal when you're performing surgery.

Felicia is just a bundle of kindness though she's super shy and timid.


-The blue rings are mostly only present when elated/angry/scared/ect.

-Like all inkfish Kraine can consciously change and alter skin colour and pattern and this often happens involuntary when experiencing strong emotions.

-Slimey to the touch.

-The sac on Kraine's back holds four retractable tentacles.

-They have eight tentacle legs.

-Inkfish suffer from an overload of brain activity which can cause a lot of serious health issues, their beetle siblings basically sit on their siblings' heads all day and drink some of this brain energy which helps even it out to a more healthy level. This is the beetle's primary food source. It's common to have headaches after sleeping.


No one in particular.