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Artwork of Thorne


NAME Thorne Halseck
AGE 29yrs
Small Business Owner
GENDER Agender
PRONOUNS they/he
HEIGHT/BUILD 166cm, Thin


-Extremely Judgemental

An alchemist who is most likely judging you as we speak.


Thorne comes across as stand-offish, unwelcoming and 'thinks they're better than you' vibes. They're extremely judgmental though often keep such opinions to themself unless asked, of which they ain't afraid at all of potentially offending or hurting others feelings. They generally are passive aggressive topped with a layer of sarcasm and condescension in their general tone and voice. They're pedantic and have standards for everything, obsessed with organisation and get annoyed by the slightest of things. Thorne is most often alone preferring meet-ups and conversations to be done online 'cuz they don't like social interaction. This combined with not liking people and crowded spaces in general means they make actively avoiding people a hobby of theirs. They have very little patience for other people not doin' things the way they specifically want them done and never fail to be punctual (and will get annoyed at others for keepin them waiting).

Beyond their cold demeanor alchemy is a particular subject of interest of theirs. They're the owner of a small strange oddities storefront which is full of random often strange or weird things including random shit they've made with their alchemical experiments (whether successful or otherwise) of which the sales from their store help fund future experiments.


-They're basically a faun/deer thing with spider elements.

-The nudes are just for reference, you never not see 'em without clothes.

-The pointy things are antlers, not horns.

-Eyes are sensitive to bright light.

-The prickly hairs on their body can flick out involuntarily when startled.

-The darker patch on their face is a birthmark which they hate but they're tryin' to be brave about it.


Artwork of Naga NAGA | Friend
One of the first people they met when they moved to the city and probably their closest connection here. In my opinion they don't deserve Naga as a friend but whatever.
Artwork of Kalvah KALVAH | Friend
Thorne thinks she's weird as fuck but considers her to be a reliable and thoughtful friend. I also don't think they deserve her as a friend.
Artwork of Rook ROOK | Not Friend
They hate him and see him and his friends as a nuisance. I think Rook should be allowed to annoy them as a treat.



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